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Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Further evidence that the Mandelbrot Set is a black hole is in the concept of the event horizon. The event horizon is the point (or radius) where matter and light can no longer escape the gravitational field of the black hole. All black holes have an event horizon and the radius of the event horizon depends on the strength of the gravitational field of the black hole.

The event horizon of the Mandelbrot Set is the radius exactly between the “radiating” part on the outside and the “contracting” part on the inside. This is an event horizon in the truest sense. This is the place where all these complex shapes are forming where space-time is warping and twisting and dividing, generating similar "structures" at different scales.

You will find innumerable copies of the original Mandelbrot Set near the event horizon, only they are scaled, rotated and shifted from the original set.

Remember earlier when I said that fractals obey very simple rules that include scaling, translation and rotation operations? Well, here you a have similar process going on where scaling, rotation and translation operations are generating fractal structures at all scales.