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More Gravity

More Gravity

Further evidence of gravity in my model can be seen in the fact that the points that are very close to the black hole region of the Mandelbrot Set take much longer to reach “escape velocity” (more iterations are required) than the points that are farther away.

This is similar to the idea that a rocket trying to escape the gravitational field of the Earth will have a march harder time being launched from the surface of the earth than if we try to launch it from several miles above the earth’s surface.

You will also notice that the image seems to be warping and twisting as you get closer to the black part of the Mandelbrot Set. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, a strong gravitational field warps space-time and it is this warping of space-time that gives the illusion of gravity.

Black holes in our universe, warp space-time so much that not even light can escape the boundary, or event horizon of the black hole. This is exactly what is happening here, where the points on the OUTSIDE can still reach escape velocity but the points on the INSIDE cannot. This clearly demonstrates the black-hole nature of the Mandelbrot Set.