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So, what do I mean by space-time in my model? Well, I REALIZED that in order to be a universe you must have a space-time continuum with which to VISUALIZE the universe. So I decided to define the complex plane as the space-time continuum in my model.

For the purposes of this discussion, I will put the Mandelbrot Set into its traditional orientation which is side-ways compared to how I have been showing it. When you do a search for the Mandelbrot Set on the internet, this is more likely how it will be shown.

The reason for this side-ways orientation is because of the way real numbers and imaginary numbers were traditionally defined. We like to put the Real numbers on the x-axis because that is how it has always been done. So, when imaginary numbers were “discovered”, it made sense to use the Y-axis to represent them because the X-axis was already used for the real numbers.

It’s also convention in modern day science to use the X-axis for the TIME parameter and the Y-axis for the distance (or space) parameter so I will honor that convention as well and put TIME on the X-axis and SPACE on the Y-axis.

Lets take a closer look at my analogy for space-time to see if it makes sense in terms of both space and time. As you can clearly see, there is symmetry in the Space direction about the zero time line, which implies that space is symmetric. This is fine because there does seem to be a lot of symmetry in space… in our universe… and there is also symmetry on a particle level, between particles and anti-particles for example.

Also, if you look at a point in space along the so called the time line, you will see there there is NO symmetry along that line. Every point in space along the time-line, has a unique solution. This is great because we know that TIME does NOT have symmetry, otherwise we would be able to go backward in time and I am quite sure that this is not possible.

IN short, I define the complex plane as my space-time continuum where the real component represents time and the imaginary component represents space.