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Fractal Dynamic Field

Space-Time Fluctuation

Next, I want to show you (in more detail) what is happening to the points on the INSIDE the Mandelbrot Set, the points that never escape the event horizon, the points that are traditionally painted black.

Exactly what is happening to these points as they are being iterated through the function z = z2 + c? Where are they going? What are the dynamics, if any, associated with these points?

As you may recall, when you take a complex point and “feed” it into this equation, another complex point comes out. Each of these points can be plotted in sequence, generating a path or “trajectory” that we can visualize and analyse.

In this image, the yellow dot represents a single point in complex “space-time”. A "space-time fluctuation" is generated by passing this point through the equation, thus transforming it into another point in the space-time continuum. This new point is then "fluctuated" through the equation again, transforming it to another point in space-time and so on. What emerges is a field of points that seems to be spiralling in toward a single point or singularity. I refer to this field or vortex, as a "fractal dynamic field".

Next, we will be taking a closer look at these fractal dynamic fields and their associated singularities.