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Worm Holes

Here we are, travelling down what I like to refer to as a worm hole. The dynamic pretty much looks the same all the way down this quantum tunnel. It's a long way down.

Then, all of a sudden (near the end of this movie), something strange happens. The field starts to break down until it finally it stops. Well, it doesn't really stop. What happens is that the vortex has gotten trapped in an infinite loop condition so rather than continue to contract forever, it stops at a certain level and ends up cycling between a small set of points forever.

I refer to this loop condition as a "loop singularity". All "fractal dynamic fields" from the INSIDE the Mandelbrot Set end in loop-singularity. For example, a loop-two singularity ends by looping between two distinct points forever. A loop-three singularity ends by looping between three points endlessly and so on.

The dynamic in this movie ends in a "loop-three" singularity. If you follow the points along the vortex to the end, you should be able to find the three points that make up this loop-singularity.

What is the significance of these "loop singularities"?
Why doesn't the "tunnel" just go on forever?
Why does it stop?